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in Orizaba, Mexico

Learn Spanish in Orizaba, Old, Traditional, Non-Tourist, Mexico.

Spanish Immersion at The Language Immersion School, Orizaba, Mexico.

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Even though this is a small site we want you to have a site map. Please take a closer look at our philosophy of Spanish immersion. It's explained fully at The Language Immersion School, Veracruz, Mexico.

Orizaba Home is the homepage. Our approach to language immersion and our non-traditional approach to language acquisition are presented.

Tour of Orizaba through photos, here's a look around town. Orizaba is a set of old, colonial visual treats.

Outings walks you around town to some of the most fun places to visit--places where you'll get to talk lots of Spanish. As you get to know Orizaba you'll find that this list is just a beginning.

Weekends tells you about super places to go as day trips or as overnight trips.

Pricing tells you everything we include and what we don't. And, of course, it gives our pricing.

Idioms gives you idiomatic and colloquial expressions to add fun and zest to your conversations.

Links gives you easy access to local links and links to other language schools.

Sitemap is the page you're looking at right now.

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Come Study Spanish in Orizaba

Learn Spanish as you join in on moments big and small of the city's daily life..

Enjoy Spanish Immersion in this non-tourist, colonial, small and friendly city in the still unspoiled and undiscovered State of Veracruz

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