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Spanish Immersion at The Language Immersion School, Orizaba, Mexico.

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The people of the State of Veracruz are so friendly and so helpful that with even only a week of Spanish immersion you can enjoy many terrific weekend outings.

Each of the wonderful weekends on this list is only one bus away from Orizaba. On up the mountain, most of the buses are third class, and that makes the trip all the better.

There are many other places you might want to go. Wherever you choose, our charlantes will help you work out your plan and make sure you know all the steps. Charlantes are always available by cellular phone, but if you have a problem, the very best thing to do is let the locals help you. They're Veracruz people, warm, friendly, and helpful. Their help turns difficult moments into wonderful, memorable times.

Orizaba Peak Orizaba Peak:   Looking up and seeing el Pico de Orizaba (over 18000 feet above sea level) in the distance is breathtaking. It's the third highest mountain peak in all of North America. Glacier capped, the peak has climbing routes from both Veracruz and the neighboring state, Puebla. Available activities include mountain and glacier climbing, horseback, mountain bike, nature hiking and birding, and less strenuous regular old sightseeing.

  Coscomatepec:   Right at the base of the peak, this town gets far fewer tourists than it deserves. It is a major entry to the mountain. And it's also a delight just in itself. The bus ride over from Orizaba is a treat for the eyes. Unless you're spending time up on the mountain, Cosco, as they call it, is an easy one-day trip.

Flowers growing in one of Fortin de la Flores' hothouses Fortin de las Flores:   A little lower down the "hill" than is Orizaba, Fortin's speciality is flowers. All over town and in surrounding towns beautiful cut flowers and potted plants are available. Just outside of Fortin are forests with extremely deep, ravine-like canyons. Cab drivers will take you on an informal tour for very reasonable prices.

Scouts at the Grutas de Galicia Caves:   Two major sets of caves are available. Both are located on the road between Orizaba and Fortin de las Flores. Grutas de Galicia and Grutas las Cruces are easy enough by yourself for a look, but for more serious exploration it's recommended that you go with a guide. (Thanks to Verascouts for the photo.)

  Mountain Village Tour:   A half day trip through mountain villages is a must. To get oriented touring them by taxi works great. They're so interesting that you might want to select one or two and go back out by bus to spend more time. Taking the taxi tour on Saturday and then going back on Sunday works out very well.

  Cloud Forest:   Staying on the bus past Coscomatepec almost to Huastusco brings you to a nature center with cloud forest activities. A little pricier than much surrounding Orizaba, the center is a well regarded conservation activity. You can spend the night there or spend the night in Huastusco.

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