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Spanish Immersion at The Language Immersion School, Orizaba, Mexico.

Spanish study is much more successful when what's all around you is happy and exciting. Here's a look around Orizaba.

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With a Charlante you'll be out around town every day. There's so much to see in old, traditional Orizaba that each outing will have its own moments to remember forever.

Few foreigners come to Orizaba, and so the locals want the chance to talk to you.

Regardless of how well developed your Spanish may be, you'll be visiting and talking. Everywhere you'll be immersed in fun-filled Spanish.

Even if you're early in your Spanish learning, you'll be able to talk. The locals are so kind and friendly and interested that they'll figure out what you're saying (just as you would for them if the roles were reversed).

After school you'll be back out around town. If you're lost, just ask anyone, and you'll be helped. You'll never be totally lost. With Borrego hill to guide you it's easy to get back to the center of town.

The nicest, friendlest, and most helpful people in the world just might well be the folk of Veracruz. And Orizaba well might be the most traditional Mexican city you ever visit. It all makes for a perfect place to learn Spanish.

Orizaba sit on the lower slopes of the Sierra Madre Oriental, and within sight of Orizaba Peak.
Orizaba is nestled in on the slopes of the Sierra Madre Oriental. Surrounding the city are magnificent views.

A man enjoys a hot cup of horchata on a chilly rainy day.
A hot local beverage, probably horchata, is sold by this woman outside her front door. It's a great treat on a chilly, rainy day.

The old city hall is a bolt together metal building manufactured in the time of Eiffel.
Built in France at the time of Eiffel, the 100% bolt-together metal building was first used by Belgium in as its display center in a World Exposition. Later it was unbolted and crated, shipped across the ocean to the Port of Veracruz, carried in horse-drawn carts to Orizaba and reassembled.

The waterfall, Elefante, sit low is a lush river valley.
A beautiful water fall is on the edge of town. The view from the top of the river canyon is stunning. A long, winding road will carry you to the bottom, or you can descend 500 steps and then follow the trail.

Flowers are on sale across from the Pantheon.
Close by in Fortin de las Flores magnificent flowers are grown. This lady sells flowers across the street from the city's largest Pantheon.

A modern clothing store in traditional Orizaba looks to be right out of the fifties.
Even the most modern shops in Orizaba look traditional and old fashioned.

On the edges of the mountains are beautiful forests and deep valleys.
The view off into the mountains is spectacular. If you wish you can cross the canyon by zipline (tirolesa in Spanish).

A woman sells strawberries on the sidewalk, and sends text messages between customers.
The old life and the new merge with ease in Orizaba. This woman is selling strawberries. Hidden in a fold of her skirt is a cellphone. She's text messaging to someone.

Orizaba's river park
Incredible views are found everywhere along the river park. Orizaba has a strong appreciation of nature and conservation.

A vender of fresh chicken welcomes you to Orizbab.
This young man is selling chicken to his neighbors. Many in Orizaba make a living off the smallest of businesses.

Oirzaba is a city of all the people.
In town but even more so up in the mountainside villages, indigenous Mexicans are part of Mexico's everyday life and culture.

The bandstand in the main plaza is a center point for local entertainment.
Orizaba is the center of activity for a large area of the mountside. The bandstand in the central plaza brings many performances to the locals.

Full trays of candy are on display in a candy store.
Candy is sold in large open trays.

The Rio Orizaba runs fast on a rainy day.
The river park is a great place to take a healthy walk and let the Spanish you're learning sink in.

Chicken cooked on a rotisserie is a popular meal everywhere in the State of Veracruz
If a family doesn't have time to cook, there's always a delicious rotisseried chicken available. They are one of Mexico's special treats.

The city swimming hole is fed by cold crystal clear mountain spring water.
A large mountainside spring feeds this municipal swimming hole with ice cold water. It also supplies part of the city and even a paper production plant.

The city's theater resembles a European opera house.
Orizaba has two theaters. This is the smaller one. It's used mostly for school and civic events.

A woman sells fresh orange juice at her sidewalk stand.
A refreshing cup of orange juice or a gelatin treat are available from this sidewalk vendor.

A place marking where Morelos and some of his men stayed for two days during the fight for independence.
Morelos was here along with some of Mexico's freedom fighters. That was long ago. Orizaba is a very old city.

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Come Study Spanish in Orizaba

Learn Spanish as you join in on moments big and small of the city's daily life..

Enjoy Spanish Immersion in this non-tourist, colonial, small and friendly city in the still unspoiled and undiscovered State of Veracruz

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