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Learn Spanish in Orizaba, Old, Traditional, Non-Tourist, Mexico.

Spanish Immersion at The Language Immersion School, Orizaba, Mexico.

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Productive fun, there's no better way to enhance your Spanish skills. And when the productive fun is also interesting and captivating, it's all the better. Every day you'll be out and around town with a staff member.

Orizaba is a vibrant small city, and it will keep you busy. It's the kind of busy that will have you involved. Our charlantes will have you actively participating in the life and culture of Orizaba, the life and culture of old Mexico. Being out and around, you'll be amazed at how much there is to talk about.

And the folks you'll be talking with, the people of Orizaba, speak very little English. But you'll have to talk because everything is so interesting and the people are so friendly. They'll be speaking Spanish, and, almost as if automatically, so will you.

Parque Castillo:   Orizaba's main plaza is a tree shaded gathering spot for town folks who want to sit and visit. Its bandstand features a Sunday concert and many smaller events during the week.. Cathedral:   Of particular note in the architecture of this very well maintained city cathedral are the three dissimilar arches. All three are very attractive and they compliment one another.

Theater Ignacio de la Llave:   With three levels of box seats surrounding a modest sized main floor, this delightful theater allows the audience to feel closely connected to the performers. Ex-City Hall:   In keeping with the design techniques of Eiffel this is a fully bolt-together metal building. Built in France and used by Belgium, it was later disassembled, shipped to Veracruz, hauled to Orizaba in horse drawn carts and reassembled.

Alameda Park:   Several blocks from the river park, this is Orizaba's largest park. It's home to joggers, walkers, and lovers. Beer Museum:   Beermaking has a long history just outside of Orizaba. The Moctezuma brewery dates back to before 1900..

The State Art Museum:   Walking distance from the main square, this museum houses a large collection of works by well-known Mexican artists. The Archaeology Museum of Orizaba:   Although very small compared to the museum in Xalapa, Orizaba's archaeology museum is beautifully presented and well worth your time..

Elefante Waterfall:   From the lookout high above the valley's river bottom, you can see the waterfall crashing downward. Descending the 500 stairs from the lookout delivers you to a trail that crosses the river and takes you to the falls. Borrego Hill:   An energetic climb up this hill on the edge of town gives you an incredible view of the city. It's a demanding walk and only for those in good physical shape.

Cri Cri:   As famous in the State of Veracruz as Mickey Mouse, Cri Cri is a children's character developed by singer Francisco Babilondo Soler. His home is today a museum. River EcologyPark:   Rio Orizaba cuts through town and stone walkways wind alongs its banks. In some areas dazzling old stone arched structures are found.

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Come Study Spanish in Orizaba

Learn Spanish as you join in on moments big and small of the city's daily life..

Enjoy Spanish Immersion in this non-tourist, colonial, small and friendly city in the still unspoiled and undiscovered State of Veracruz

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