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Study Spanish
in Orizaba, Mexico

Study Spanish in Orizaba, an old, colonial, non-tourist, small city in Veracruz, Mexico. Participate in old Mexico as you enjoy Spanish Immersion.

Learn Spanish in Orizaba, a colonial, traditional city on the slopes of Orizaba Peak.

Spanish Immersion at The Language Immersion School, Orizaba, Mexico.

Orizaba Peak is the third highest mountain peak in all of North America. You can get high on the slopes by bus. From there, the going is either on horse or on foot.

With its narrow streets, old buildings, dazzling churches, and friendly and open people, every moment of every day in Orizaba is a special treat.

Orizaba is not a tourist town. Its colonial qualities aren't the result of tour companies and tourist establishments. Colonial Orizaba is as true and authentic as Mexico itself. The city's people love and protect the old traditions.

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To bring even more fun to your conversations, we're gathering idioms, sayings, and colloquialisms we hear around the State. Here's one, and there are more on our Idioms page.
chupar faros
To eat headlights, the idiom is a (usually comic) way of saying to die. Its use includes "to kick the bucket," but it is more broadly applied and picks up death by external causes.

Spanish Immersion in Orizaba

The school day has six hours of class. Two hours are out around this small colonial city and the remaining hours are classroom.

Our classroom differs greatly from the standard classroom. Ours is relaxed and friendly, has a conversational instructional approach, and it's a happy place.

While you're out around town, you'll be actively involved in the lives of the people, involved in small moments and big. You'll join in with what they're doing. And once you join in (as is so wonderfully human), you'll talk. They know only Spanish, and so, almost automatically, so will you.

Most of your class time will be spent on speaking and listening. All the grammar, structure, and vocubulary that you need will be taught as you go.

Everyone has different reasons for studying Spanish, and your instruction will be individualized to best fit your goals and needs. Group size is limited to two students. You'll get a lot of Spanish, and get a lot of practice as you go.

Our non-traditional approach to language immersion centers around your learning. With us focusing on your learning, you're free to enjoy the language, to enjoy Orizaba, to enjoy Latin Culture, and all of this leads to far greater success than occurs in the traditional school.

Green hillsides, waterfalls, nature walks on the mountain, visits to close-by communities (some up high on the slopes of Orizaba Peak), afternoons, evenings, and weekends there's so much to do. In town you can sit in the zocalo and visit, go to a cafe and visit, walk the river park and visit. The people of Orizaba see very few foreigners. They'll want to talk to you and learn about your world as you learn about theirs. Orizaba and its surroundings are safe.

Veracruz well may be the very safest state in Mexico. You can travel winding mountain roads in third class buses. And if you wish, go up high toward the peak on horseback. In Orizaba, in Veracruz, because you're safe, you can do so much more.

Language Acquisition Philosophy

Our approach to language acquisition has you learning Spanish in context right from the start. Unlike traditional classroom which is almost exclusively a study of grammar and structure, our Spanish language immersion is focused toward getting you speaking. We include all the grammar and structure you need, and we include it as you need it. What you are learning will be usable immediately in your spoken (and your written) language. Studying Spanish in context makes everything more sensible, more reasonable, and easier to remember. It also makes language immersion more fun.

Our Parent Facility

Often students who've attended The Language Immersion School, Veracruz, Mexico wish to return to learn more Spanish using the school's successful approach but having enjoyed the wonderful port city of Veracruz would like to study Spanish in a new setting. Students who've visited Orizaba always returned saying wonderful things about the city. For Spanish immersion, Orizaba offers a fullness of culture as does the port city. And just like the City of Veracruz itself, Orizaba is a city that contributes greatly to the learning of Spanish. The Language Immersion School, Orizaba, Mexico, is owned and operated by The Language Immersion School, Veracruz, Mexico.

The approach under which students learn Spanish in Orizaba is the very same as the appproach that has made the Veracruz school so successful. The setting is different. The instructional essentials are the same.

To help you better understand Spanish immersion in Orizaba, please visit the website of The Language Immersion School in Veracruz. The Spanish immersion principles employed in Veracruz are fully transferable to Orizaba. The high levels of learning Spanish exist in yet another friendly and exciting setting. The people of the State of Veracruz are among the kindest and friendliest in the world. Everywhere you go, in everything you do, you'll be actively participating in the happy and often heart-warming life of locals.

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Come Study Spanish in Orizaba

Learn Spanish as you join in on moments big and small of the city's daily life..

Enjoy Spanish Immersion in this non-tourist, colonial, small and friendly city in the still unspoiled and undiscovered State of Veracruz


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